⛏️Build System

Here you can find a brief explanation of all important commands added to the Pixelbiester Premium server Build System.

/world help Shows all relevant commands of the world system.

/world addBuilder <name> Adds a player as a Builder to the world. You can add a maximum of two non-premium players as builders to the world. Other premium players can be added to the world without limit.

/world addVisitor <name> Adds a player as a visitor to the world.

/world added Lists all players who have been added to the world.

/world remove <name> Removes a player from the world.

/world tp <world> Teleports you to another world.

/world download Creates a download of the world.

/world backup Gives an overview of existing world backups.

/world physics Sets the physics of the world.

/world setSpawn Sets the world spawn for all players.

/world settings Opens the world settings.

/world gamerules Gives access to construction-relevant game rules for the respective world.

/world private Restricts access to the world to all added players.

/world public Allows any player to enter the world.

/goto X Z Enables you to teleport to specific coordinates.

/top Teleports you to the next higher free position above you.

/world setWarp <name> <icon> Sets a warp in the world. Warps are world specific and can be viewed by any player in the world. (Usable by builders as well)

/world warps Displays all warps in the world.

/world delWarp <name> Deletes a warp. (Usable by builders as well)

/back Teleports the player to the last position.

/sethome <name> Sets a Home. Homes are player-specific and cross-world.

/homes Lists all homes.

/home <name> Teleports you to a home.

/delhome <name> Deletes a home.

/mode public Put yourself in the Public Mode (cross-world chat as well as display of the name in the server list).

/mode private Put yourself in Private Mode (chat limited to world, invisible to other players outside the world).

/day Sets the time to day.

/night Sets the time to night.

/time set <time> Sets the time specific.

/sun Sets the weather to sun.

/rain Sets the weather to rain.

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