Before you start

A link between our Minecraft server and Discord is required to use the premium system. To link both accounts, follow these instructions.

  • Step 1: Join our network Join the Pixelbiester Minecraft server and type /discord in the chat box. You'll receive a unique verification code.

  • Step 2: Verifying Head over to the Discord server and use the code you received by typing /verify <token> in the chat box. Replace <token> with the code you received from the Minecraft server. It does not matter in which text channel this command is written.

  • Step 3: Adjusting the name After entering the code, a popup window will appear asking for your in-game username. Input your correct username and click Adjust.

  • Step 4: Done Congratulations! You're now verified and can enjoy the perks of your rank on the Discord server.

  • If you want to unlink your Discord account from the Minecraft server, simply type /discord unlink in the Minecraft server's chat box. If you want to unlink your Minecraft account from the Discord server, type /unlink in the Discord chat box.

  • If you encounter any problems, please contact our team on our Discord server.

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